Christian Perez

Noris Cardenas

Noris Cardenas is the active partner and Marketing Director. When Phoenix Eye first came about, she had no doubt it would be a success and immediately came aboard. Coming from an extensive customer service background, Noris ensures that clients are always informed and up to date with current projects. With her role as Marketing Director, she now tackles the challenges businesses face when starting a business by presenting strategized procedures for advertising and social media platforms. Noris provides service from start to finish and truly enjoys building strong relationships with all her clients.

Erlins Romain

Erlins Romain is one of our lead drone pilots. He has operated drones for over 4 years. Whether it is capturing photos or videos, he is always eager to give our clients a memorable experience.

Manny Roman

Manny Roman is also a leading drone pilot. Capturing the special moments in the lives of others is his passion. His focus is to give our clients a permanent and forever tangible image.

Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez is one of our photographers. His keen artistic eye and attention to detail allows him to create portraits and photographs worthy enough to cherish for a lifetime.